Magic Disk Cleaner 1.3.6 + Fix MacOS

Magic Disk Cleaner finds and deletes files temporary files that waste lots of space. The app is lightning fast and frees disk space in no time.

Magic Disk Cleaner searches your computer for temporary files and can also delete them directly if you wish.

Forget about that myth that says that Mac computers can’t be infected by viruses. Every day there are more and more threats for users that become vulnerable when browsing the Internet or downloading applications. If you’re aware of the risk entailed by your activities on your computer, then you need to download a decent antivirus… and that could well be

searching for, detecting and removing malware. This software, apart from these typical features, also incorporates other functions aimed at keeping your macOS working at full throttle. That’s why we’ll come across a disk cleaner, a duplicate file finder, a privacy scanner and an application uninstaller.

Magic Disk Cleaner offers the following features

Fast Search
Magic Disk Cleaner quickly scans your computer for temporary data that can be removed. You can have them deleted with one click.

Extremely easy handling
Magic Disk Cleaner couldn’t be simpler. The search is started immediately after the app is started. You can now delete files with just one click.

No automatic deletion
Magic Disk Cleaner does not delete any data without your consent. Choose for yourself which data is deleted and which you want to keep.

  • Antivirus: equipped with reliable detection technology capable of finding viruses, adware and general malware, and that updates on a regular basis with all the latest tools to fight security threats.
  • Duplicate file finder: it comes along with functions to detect duplicate files that reduce the storage capacity of our computer.
  • Disk cleaner: with this function, we can get rid of all the junk and outdated files that we don’t need and that have built up on our system due to its regular use.
  • Large file finder: thanks to this tool we can search on local and external drives and list all the files with a size that exceeds 100 MB.
  • App uninstaller: to make sure that you uninstall correctly any application installed on your system without leaving traces or junk files.
  • Privacy scanner: are you sure that all your information is safe? You’ll be able to sleep without worries with this tool that scans your browsers and cleans all the personal traces that you may have left behind during your Internet activities, such as cookies or your browsing history.

If you’re looking for the best antivirus for Mac, you just might have a winner here. Thanks to its complete pack of tools and its neat and tidy user interface to control all the options, it’s definitely a very reliable tool to take care of your computer and its operating system.

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